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Our Services

Technology Advisory Services

Advisory Overview

Every firm in today's technology-ingrained world depends on the ability to make the right decisions in both partnering with the right professionals, as well as the tools required to enable them to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of customers and competitors alike.

At Catin TAS, we use a client-driven approach with a suite of IT support services, driven by Subject Matter Experts within various domains. We focus on the impact technology has on business rather than just systems implementation to fulfil job requirements. As a result, our advice is independent and geared towards the specific needs of each client.

Our Offering

  1. Align Business with IT
  2. Business Process Optimization
  3. Enterprise Data Management Strategy
  4. Management Consulting
  5. IT Business Transformation
  6. IT Strategy & Implementation
  7. IT Roadmaps
  8. IT Assessment & Effectiveness
  9. IT Sourcing & Procurement
  10. IT Programme Delivery
  11. IT Due Diligence
  12. Cost Optimization
  13. Cloud Computing
  14. Information & Analytics
  15. Technology | Platform Advisory
  16. Process Digitization
  17. Robotic Process Automation
  18. Digital Forensics
  19. Cybersecurity
  20. Global Rollouts

Consulting Services

Consulting Overview

While our Advisory division's focus is there to tailor a strategy that fits and uncover the right solutions for your business, Catin Consulting's focus is there to support both the advisory planning phase, and steer your transformation, executing with the latest technology, design-thinking and agility, with the right people driving the delivery.

Our solutions encapsulate all necesary regulatory and compliance requirements at application level, and are built with the latest technologies and an archecture that is flexible enough to adapt to future changes.

Our Offering

  1. Professional Services
    Contracting Human Capital
  2. Managed Services
  3. Robotic Process Automation
  4. IT Project Management
  5. Business & Systems Analysis
  6. Quality Assurance [Testing]
  7. Database Design & Development
  8. Systems Integration
  9. Solution Design & Application Architecure
  10. Process Digitization
  11. Digital Transformation
  12. Workforce Capability
  13. Business Intellignce & Advanced Analytics
  14. Customer & Applied Design
  15. Gamification
  16. Core Business Operations

Robotic Process Automation [RPA]

Intelligent Automation Overview

Meet Catin Systems, the fist business and implementation patner in South Africa that successfully implemented automated processes, and did not have to redo any of them after being assessed, according to UiPath!

We know first-hand of what some of the biggest stumbling blocks are in end-to-end intelligent automation, and we also know more than most competitors which bottlenecks result in the delay, or non-adoption of RPA in companies of all sizes. Moreover, we know what is required to overcome the plagues that continue to haunt end-to-end automation, and result in the termination of RPA altogether.

Consult with us to see which RPA technology is best for you, and how to accelerate intelligent automation within your business. We'll assess you current business and digital processes, and make an unbiased recommendation of which RPA technology is best for you from a costing, capability, and performance perspective, which processes to automate first, and what the best outcome-based course of action should be from an outsourced, or setting up a Center of Excellence point of view.

Benefits of RPA

  1. Increased Efficiency
  2. Increased Compliance
  3. Increased Throughput
  4. Human Error Elimination
  5. Enhanced Management Capabilities
  6. Improved Customer Experience
  7. Increased Degree of Flexibility
  8. Enhanced Scalability of Solutions
  9. Improved Levels of Agility
  10. Reduced Operational Costs
  11. Time to Market Within a Week
  12. No Physical Bot
  13. Your Virtual 24/7 Employee
  14. Demand-Based Digital Workforce
  15. No Changes in existing Infrastructure Needed
  16. Increase in Revenue Per Employee
  17. Frees up Employee Time
  18. Acts as Middleware to Core Systems
  19. Improved Data Quality
  20. Increased Scope of Data Collection
  21. Legacy Application Integration
  22. Unstructured Data Management
  23. Data Gathering to Enable AI and Cognitive Platforms
  24. Non-Invasive Technology
  25. Return on Investment From First Month
  26. Rule-Based, Trainable Bots
  27. Fully Auditable
  28. Regulatory Compliance

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Project Outsourcing

Outsourcing Overview

We're experts at delivering integrated line-of-business solutions embedded with country-specific regulation, and our entourage of team leaders are subject matter experts with deep domain expertise. Whether your need to outsource a software project, automate digital workflows with RPA, or re-engineer an end-to-end process, our business analysts are skilled at interpreting and defining clear requirements that bridge communication between business and the delivery teams. Our project managers have successfully overhauled development methodologies from Waterfall to Agile at blue-chip companies with a multi-national footprint, and our developers have a strong reputation for delivering projects with zero post-implementation defetcs.

We've been at the fore-front of Robotic Process Automation for a while now, and know the biggest stumbling blocks that prevent full RPA adoption. We have the right Intelligent Automation solution for you, and we'll show you how and where Deep Learning is required to bypass these bottlenecks. Partner with us, the first implementation partner from South Africa that UiPath met that got RPA right on first attempt without their assistance prior to their assessment of our implementation!

Outsourcing Benefits

IT Outsourcing carries with it many benefits that constantly outweigh alternative options. With Catin Systems as your outsourcing partner:

  1. Outsourcing has guaranteed results
  2. No recruitment fees
  3. Time consuming recruitment processes are saved
  4. Shorter time to market, implement, realize RoI
  5. Full spectrum of skills
  6. Teams are up and running in days
  7. Offshore - Nearshore outsourcing = much lower project costs
  8. Software projects adhere to ISO-27034 Application Security controls

Bespoke Application Development

Catin Dev

We build custom software solutions specific to your operational workflows, and digitize business processes that are stand-alone systems, or integrated as part of an end-to-end solution. With customer centricity and operational efficiency in mind, our process is simple: Design, Build, and Automate using lean principles while encapsulating sector-based and country-specific regulatory compliance.

We have exceptionally strong deep-domain experts who have led multi-national teams with the delivery of cross-functional line-of-business software solutions. Our development teams build custom solutions that entails walking the full SDLC journey with clients to design, build, deliver, and support software that addresses their unique business requirements.

Arenas of Development

When constructing a solution for you, we have one distinct advantage, that many of our solution architects, business and process analysts, have been senior developers before assuming their current roles. They know which processes are taxing on infrastructure and data acquisiton, and draw from this experience to influence design. Our Capabilities include:

  1. Software Development
  2. Web Application and Portal Development
  3. Mobile App Development
  4. Application Modernization
  5. Cognitive Development
    [AI | Machine Learning]
  6. Advanced | Predictive Analytics
  7. SharePoint Development
  8. Software Development Maturity Assessment
  9. Document Digitization
  10. Process Digitization
  11. Business Analysis for Software Development
  12. Application Testing
    [UAT | Performance | Integration]

Professional Services

Catin PS

Our Professional Services allow you to match your workforce with your workload, eliminates overstaffing, and is the most cost-effective solution for recruitment and payroll. By transferring employment risk, you are no longer burdened with recruitment, training, and performance management.

We offer Professional Services as part of managing the customization and support phases of our products, as well as to augment your current workforce to support your existing portfolio, and assist with the implementation and support of new products or projects.

Our Offering

Our Professional Services are there to augment your long and short-term Human Capital requirements to ensure successful project delivery.

  1. Line-of-Business Application Development
  2. Project Management
  3. Business & Systems Analysis
  4. Database Development & Administration
  5. Solution Design & Application Architecture
  6. Business Process Re-engineering [Analysis | Mapping | Optimization]
  7. ERP Consultants
  8. Machine Learning | Deep Learning Specialists
  9. Cognitive Computing
  10. Robotics Process Automation [RPA]
  11. IT Policies & Procedures
  12. Incident | Problem | Service Management
  13. IT Developer Managers
  14. Quality Assurance | Testers

Managed Services

Catin MSP

Catin Systems is a managed services provider [MSP], delivering technology support to businesses of all sizes. We provide a clear and transparent approach to the development and support of all IT systems. Our skilled professionals know the importance of a streamlined, organized workflow. Let our experts determine which outsourced support program is right for your business.

For a comprehensive view of your operations, we offer Technology, Security, Microsoft 365, and Cloud Readiness Assessments. We provide a free in-depth, hands-on examination of your IT environment that delivers a comprehensive view into your IT operations. We will provide you with a thorough, detailed deliverable, outlining recommendations, and solutions to meet the needs of your company’s specific requirements.

Our Offering

A partnership with an experienced and trustworthy IT Service provider can help launch your business forward. We have a range of Managed Services that take care of your non-core business processes to enable your team to focus on growth strategies.

  1. IT Support
  2. Application Services
  3. BI & Analytics-as-a-Service
  4. Data Science-as-a-Service
  5. Intelligent Automation-as-a-Service
  6. Design & Architecture
  7. Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  8. Migration & Implementation
  9. Quality Assurance
  10. Business & Systems Analysis
  11. Project & Programme Delivery
  12. Improvement & Process Optimization

Contact our Sales department to discuss any of our Service Offerings. We'd be happy to Partner with you to achieve both your operational and strategic Objectives.