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Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

The Optimiza AML Connect Reports Extractor is a modular [middleware] system designed to provide banks and financial institutions with the ability to report to the Anti-Money Laundering unit all suspicious transactions and activities, based on the international standard schema requirements of the UNODC. Optimiza has been selected as the preferred implementer to many reputable banks in the MENA region, with Catin Systems as their regional implementation partner for Africa. Central Banks have requested a Compulsory goAML Implementation to all banks and financial institutions to enhance STR reporting [Suspicious Transactions Reporting] and to increase the levels of compliance with regulatory bodies.
Many financial institutions have implemented their own AML solutions only to find what's been implemented does not adequately address the country-specific or cross-border goAML regulatory requirements set by the UNODC. Many of the issues raised often only surface after cross-border implementation and becomes very expensive with legal research and process re-engineering to remedy these issues. AML Connect addressess all of the concerns raised by the BSD, FSB and cross-border regulatory bodies. Contact us for a solution that saves you both time and money to build, a solution that has been tested and approved by the UNODC which requires minimal effort to implement, and a solution that has a very attractive price with cross-border implemention.

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